Why Do We Ask So Much of Parents when it comes to education?

I was a good teacher. I was a good student. I was above average even. I had all the gifts and academic skills and could get in one of the secondary schools most likely after my graduation. Except for one year, I cannot say I did well in school. The teachers treated me differently than most teachers. They made me feel uncomfortable. They made me work for a long time instead of teaching myself. They wanted to hinder my dreams and my path to ultimate success.

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The reason for this is simple. It is the way the education system is run. It favors the teacher over the student… almost always. Unfortunately, this system gets in the way of the student’s expansion of his or her potential… right up until graduation.

When I was in high school, I should have had no reason to worry about getting a good education. The reason for worry was completely different than the reason for doing well in school. I was worried about how my classmates, many of which were my friends, were doing. Were they happy? Were they content?

I worried about all of this because I knew that most of them didn’t have a good future outside of school. Even if they did, the skill set they needed to have in order to be successful was sometimes beyond what they learned in school.

The worst part of this all being said, is that most kids do not know any better. Most kids are continuously told that the education they will receive in school is important, and they just don’t see how or in which classes it will be taught. They just know that they must “try hard” in order to “learn the right stuff”. And most of them don’t.

I remember many conversations with my friend’s parents. I would ask: “Should I try harder to get in? What do I need to do to catch up? Will my grades stay this way if I take this opportunity? Will this land me a job?” My friend’s parents would always give some gravely serious advice that, to this day, I still remember with big smile and big tears. They would always say something like: “Don’t worry. Just get steady gain on your GED and you will get what you want.”

I don’t remember things like this when I was a kid. What does one do when faced with impossible and injustifiable situations? idols call to you. You must rise above the trash.

I don’t remember the GED. But I know what it could do for me. It could give me a good place to start, and a good place to end. It could get me a good job, a better paying job, or any job for that matter. With a GED, I would be set for life.

I don’t know when the world started developing people with special skills. Maybe some of us were blessed with more than others. But I think everyone was once a child trying to fit in somewhere. I think that some of us were lucky to still be in school during the time when most kids were dropping out. I think some of us were even casualties of wars.

I think what has resulted is a world full of people with perfectly average potentials who focus on the very basics during the early years, even in the middle years, and then find ways to make a living after high school. I think what has made our world so fantastic is the fact that knowledge has infinite possibilities right up until the moment when reality bites.

Now, I would like to highlight some of what I see are some defining features of the human mind which is unique in nature and which has led to the extraordinary development of our modern society.

Unlike the mind of the general public, this mind is private and it is difficult to acquire. It has certain private aspects. As a result these aspects of mind videos, iPod tutorials, computer information and chat rooms are not accessible to the public. Podcasts, illiterate chat rooms and online white papers are also like private knowledge. These things are difficult to acquire outside the specific knowledge of a few.

The mind that is behind all of this is the timeless core of each of us. This remains constant whether we are young or older and it will continue to remain constant even after our death. After our death our innermost thoughts and memories will continue to be there…showing us all the wisdom that has been there all along!

Films, newspapers and online information have a very important role to play in the sharing of knowledge. They also teach authors how to better write articles and how to make videos…all highly essential knowledge that can be shared with others to help them improve themselves.

Keep learning!