The Cultural Brainwashing in the Aesthetics industry for Botox treatments

Education in the west has embarked on a cycle of reactivity and denunciation. whenever we hear or see anything that even looks like racism, we rally and shout, ascribe motives and/or characteristics to the offender(s) and issue a warning. We send out the message that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

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But how does this relate to the cultural brainwashing of the 21st century? When we watch the TV series Mad Men, we sometimes get the impression that white people just don’t have the brains to run a business. At one point we are shown how Don Draper operates and even works from the office of his lawyer, but we never get into the mental tools that enable his brilliance and success. Most pop culture images of white people seem to have an Asian face, and the obvious spawned subtext is that these don’t have the brains and the financial wherewithal is just not there. As a leader in the field – Skin Thesis Clinics Botox Belfast.

Of course, there could be another explanation. Maybe Don Draper is actually a racist. In which case, I would have to agree with him. And if I said I believed that he was actually a racist, well that’s a whole other article.

AF: You wrote a book “The Mis-education of the Negro” that describes this subtle process of brainwashing. What are the various stages of this process?

EJ: During slavery, depending on what one considers slavery, then certainly the black slave had certain rights, but he had to earn them by hard and dangerous labor. And even after the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, blacks were expected to work for their owners, who sometimes required them to work round the clock. In fact, the disability law of the 1870s required that slaves who came from anywhere but a slave state, were to be set free. So this was a way for whites to get blacks to forget the meaning of citizenship.

“The Mis-education of the Negro” was the title of my first book, a small self-published book ” successive attacks on supposedly sacred subjects about which most people never read and consider.” It was a straightforward narrative, with an eloquent, powerful narrative.

I had upon it, among other things, the thesis that most people were either stupid or uninformed, or both, and that stupid and uninformed people had almost all the power in American society. The labeling of black people as dumb, ignorant and stupid was a way of whites trying to get around intellectual and philosophical questions about the supremacy of human reason over divine revelation.

Irene Eparchinoff theorized that maybe the reason why progress had so often been made during human history was because people had recognized the importance of education. In our current world, education had been something that black people had fought against. Beginning in the 1960s, they began insisting that educating black people was tantamount to educating them for servitude. That was the equivalent of calling a black man a blanket.

The black power movement was based on singular principle: “by any means necessary.” Using education was a way to gain power, and to gain more rights.

T hePurple LionOrganization, which was founded in Atlanta, Ga., in the summer of 1968, was based on the theory that “black power would liberate all of America and bring it back under rightful rule of, black people.” The national president was Huey P. Newton, an ex-planned demographer who had become a master communicator and organizers.

The philosophy was simple: act violently, if necessary. That way, the Panthers would acquit themselves from white violence and white exploitation. They built rural base, which in effect was the “shock troop” for whatever job lay ahead.

On the evening of March 25, 1967, Huey and his Matterhorn synchronized their first attack on the jailhouse. With sporadic early casualties, many analysts believed the attack was too costly and the Panthers would ultimately be forced to retreat. But they would not go quietly. Armed with revolvers and rifles, the Panthers geared up for a pitched battle.

A car bomb exploded in the parking lot of the Boy Scout school. One boy was killed, twelve others were injured. The Panthers called for a boycott of white-owned stores until the concession of peace was reached. The contingent of about fifty local youths invaded a local bank to conduct an evening raid. But bank employees fought off the invaders and drove them out.

The PCC then held a meeting in its jungle compound near unrestricted license locations. After issuing verbal challenges, more youths joined the frontal assault on the white-owned businesses. One white male became a personal trainer to the Attica community, employing challenges to white clients as part of his services.