Ethics of educational opportunity

This project is intended to promote and nurture the ethical awareness that many people in the community have invested in, sometimes blindly, but in their turn, have invested in the profound loving connection of sharing life in its fullness.

love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man

We want to create a space where we hear it from many different perspectives. To open to new ways of looking at it or listing the benefits, to talk about it. To feel the excitement and curiosity that is naturally there when we hear from so many people and businesses, to be inspired to reach out and be part of it. Support groups are Parenting Parenting dept. and the Partner eco-program is also set up for this intention.

Why it is happening now? All conditions that we have observed for many years have reached critical mass. Mankind, by all rights the divine child, has reached its apogee. The planetary event that will alter the evolutionary process is one that was predicted by the Mayans, Mayan Calendar gobbledygook translated by Larry Page in a Google search: The Great Shift of 2011. Also by recent scientific discoveries in astronomy. We are, perhaps for the first time, coming to a crisis where what I would call the human reference point, the reference point of humanisted cosmic consciousness, is transcended by the new energetic paradigm to be expected in the years ahead. The Integral Theory of Quantum Physics brings us ever closer to an understanding that what we call “God” is actually intelligent consciousness. That God is not a God outside of the manifest universe, but is the absolute fabric of the manifest universe.

This potential is represented in the many diverse things we are creating, both individually and collectively through our relationships, through the traditions we pass from our parents to our children,learn and passively accept writings and teachings and quickly discard those that do not enable and empower us.

As a result, the average consciousness of humanity regarding the divine self, is no longer clear, open, loving and filled with this clear conscious awareness that filled my own life in the years of age and under the most difficult conditions.

In that respect, the entire human family is also not meeting its divine potential of love and tolerance.

A great shift in consciousness is and is occurring and we may only be just now seeing it. The change is quite sudden and is seen across the large screen news of near-death experiences.

We needn’t believe in the divine self, but we should be aware of it, conscious of it and work to shift the global consciousness. We should raise our consciousness regarding the divine journey, understand that life is the journey and instead of seeking answers and relieving our despair and confusion by reaching for some spiritual answers, should move toward the inspired actions that will take us to the next phase.

When a family loses a child, they plant. We as a family and as human beings are planting our seeds of unhappiness, sadness, anger, loss, grief and emptiness. At the moment of, or shortly after the death of a child, the seeds of sadness may start to sprout. This is the seed that begins the treadmill of anger and grief. We have been through graduate school shall we all just ace, do that thing again, try that place again, or don’t do that stupid thing again. That makes me sick.

It’s the seed in our relationships where the pain begins. In Masurosu magazine,August ’05, school and relationship expert, Anne Stewart, writes a column called “I love me”. We are not just connected to the human self we are really connected to our inner Being, the spirit within us that is purely reformed, Riv vitro and loved.

The energy death of this society cannot be stopped. It will take its time as it must be to quench the souls of thousands of people that could have been civilized. The ability to respond to the suffering in your community is your demonstration of your connection with the divine. At some point in time the world will need the spiritual connection that you are offering.

We are in a great opportunity to train and develop new people as new teachers and new spiritual fathers and mothers for the next generation and generations to come. Regrettably, a lack of self love, self acknowledgment and internal dialogue has created a great gap allowing the world and our communities at large, to be there for us but not for ourselves. This world is too often characterizes by woundedness, fear, anger, depression and a defeatist spirit. In other words, the lack of unconditional love and acceptance promotes the wounds that defeat us and the ability to project self at the expense of the whole.

The paradigm of humanity no longer works. For generations, we have followed blindly and unconditionally. “Follow the leader”. “Follow the one with the marked shown track”.